As a terminal and forwarding agent in one person, JSC “Ventspils Grain Terminal” provides the entirety of services to ensure the carriage of goods from Latvian border to loading on board the vessel and back at the most favorable conditions for the client. The integrated standard rate for cargo servicing includes the following services:

  • Transit through Latvia, document execution;
  • Unloading of cargo from wagons, wagon cleaning from the cargo remnants, return of empty wagons;
  • Re-weighing of goods in wagons on railway scales;
  • Normative storage of cargo for 30 days;
  • Loading on the vessel;
  • Use of the railway tracks of the terminal;
  • Shunting operations;
  • Laboratory control (express analyses);
  • Prompt provision of information.
The rate is calculated individually for each client, taking into account the seasonal nature of the goods, the declared amounts, many years of experience and prospects for cooperation, and other factors. The Company offers its clients the possibility of concluding long-term contracts.

The method for determining the shipped amount – according to the certified bunker scales of the terminal. Terms of loading SSHINC.

Range of handled goods:
Export / transit: grain cargo of all kinds, corn, rapeseed, flax, beet pulp, sunflower meal, husk, sunflower, malt, etc.
Import / transit: food granules, meal, malt, raw sugar, soybeans, etc..

Unloading and loading of railway wagons and vehicles

Wagon and truck unloader for 120 railway wagons or 100 trucks per day. Wagon and truck loader with capacity of 2800 tons per day for wagons and vehicles.Truck unloader with a capacity of up to 3000 tons per day.The re-weighing of transport is carried out by combined scales (with the possibility of re-weighing cars and wagons) and by car scales.

Storage facilities

11 automated silos and a multipurpose two-section flat storage. The total storage capacity is more than 100,000 tons at a time. Possibility of separate storage of several cargo lots of different types of cargo. Automatic temperature control system.

Loading of ships

A safe deep-water berth with a depth of 14.5 m, suitable for Panamax vessels: length 240 m, width 32.5 m, submersion 14.1 m, maximum lot 75 000 tons. The loading rate for different commodities varies max up to 1500 tons per hour. Possible simultaneous loading of several vessel’s holds. Terms of loading SSHINC. The weight of cargo loaded on the vessel is determined by certified hopper scales.


The Sample Analytical Laboratory of JSC “Ventspils Grain Terminal” provides complex quality research services of almost all types of cereals, legumes and oilseeds, as well as many products of their processing. In particular:

  • Cereals: wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale, corn, buckwheat, malt;
  • Oilseeds: rapeseed, sunflower, flax, safflower seeds;
  • Legumes and bean crops: peas, soybeans, kidney beans, beans;
  • products of processing: flour, combined feed, oilseed meal, press cake, etc.

The laboratory has specialized premises, equipped in accordance with the performed type of analyzes, safety and ergonomics requirements, with a climate control system.

The laboratory is equipped with the equipment of the world's leading manufacturers – VELP Scientifica, CHOPIN, Perten, KERN, which ensures high quality and accuracy of the analyses. The hardware base is periodically updated and complemented, both with mastering of new testing methods and with the appearance of new device modifications.

Sampling, preparation and testing of samples can be carried out in accordance with a wide range of international and national standards – these are the methods of GAFTA, ISO, AOCS, ICC, USDA, LVS, GOST. In addition to these highly accurate arbitral and standard methods, a number of quality indicators can be determined by express methods, depending on the operational need and the wishes of the clients.

Cargo forwarding

JSC “Ventspils Grain Terminal” provides a full range of services for transport forwarding of export, import and transit cargoes, on all routes from the Latvian border to the vessel's holds in the port of Ventspils and back, including:

  • Represents the interests of the client in relations with carriers, customs authorities and other organizations;
  • Carries out organization and control of transportation of goods by railway;
  • Carries out control over the preservation of goods at their acceptance, transshipment and storage in storage facilities;
  • Keeps operational records of incoming goods and provides information on its accumulation;
  • Carries out the execution of all necessary accompanying documents, including when forming of a vessel lot.
Our specialists assist clients in resolving sophisticated logistics tasks, taking into account the most rational methods of cargo transportation and organization of handling operations, as well as organize transshipment in the port in accordance with current technological standards and rules. Along with the basic package of services, the company competently and promptly performs all necessary customs procedures.